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Where Can I Get an Associate’s Degree in Nursing?

Where Can I Get an Associate's Degree in Nursing?

On the road to becoming a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse, you’ll need to obtain an associates degree in nursing (ASN) first.

Because nurses are highly in demand, and expected to continue to be, there are many options for your nursing education.

Public Institution for ASN

You can choose a public institution such as a community or state college or university for your nursing education. These types of schools may be lower in cost with financial aid, but may be more competitive and your entry will not be guaranteed.

Private Institution for ASN

If you choose an accredited private institution, like Health Career Institute, you can have all the benefits of public schools with a number of perks included in your tuition. At HCI, you can see the difference in your classmates, the faculty and staff, the facilities, and the quality of your education. Learn more about the HCI difference.

Things to Consider Before You Enroll for your ASN

Before you choose which school you’ll enroll in to earn your ASN, whether public or private, you’ll want to consider a number of factors that may affect your experience as a nursing student and future nurse.

  • Cost of tuition. Financials may be a prohibitive factor for some. Be sure to look at not just the price tag, but the value each school offers, plus opportunities for savings and financial relief.
  • Program flexibility. HCI allows you to take some classes online, and you can choose part-time or full-time enrollment so that your school schedule works with the rest of your life.
  • Location. Is the school located in a place that’s convenient for your commute? Does public transportation access the area? Is it in the area where you’d eventually like to live and work, so you can begin networking with future colleagues where you are studying?
  • Affiliations with hospitals and medical centers. Part of your education will take place in a medical environment. Explore the affiliations your school of choice has, and whether those places can fit into your future study or practice plans.
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