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Tag: Staying Safe in Florida During the Springtime

Staying Safe in Florida During the Springtime

Staying Safe in Florida During the Springtime

Staying Safe in Florida During the Springtime

When springtime arrives in Florida, there are so many fun and healthy ways to take advantage of the beautiful weather. Floridians head to beaches, parks, and their own backyards to partake in outdoor recreation, exercise, and adventuring. But the Sunshine State comes with its own list of health and safety concerns, particularly during the spring season. Follow these precautions to have a great spring this year!

Practice Safe Sun in Florida During Springtime

Even for life-long Floridians, the sun can be a threat to skin safety. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, nearly 5,000 Florida residents developed melanoma, which is responsible for roughly three-quarters of skin cancer deaths, in 2009. Even one serious sunburn per season can put you at risk, so be sure to take appropriate precautions with regard to sun exposure:

  • Wear sunscreen of an appropriate SPF and reapply frequently when outdoors.
  • Reapply sunscreen after swimming or intense sweating that can wipe away SPF.
  • Take breaks from sun exposure, including under an umbrella or indoors.
  • Wear a hat or visor to protect your face and sunglasses with UV protection to protect your eyes.
  • Don’t forget that even short walks or cloudy skies can result in sunburn. A daily sunscreen application is recommended.

Be Mindful of Water Danger in Florida During Springtime

Florida’s many beaches are a popular choice for weekend entertainment, but should be visited with caution. Make sure to always obey safety/hazard flags or other notices, and be respectful of the wildlife found on beaches. Swim under the supervision of a lifeguard and be mindful of rough waters, rip tides, and sea life.

When utilizing boats or similar equipment, be mindful of laws surrounding lifejacket use. While on or near boat docks, exercise extreme caution and common sense. Never operate a vehicle, including a boat, while under the influence of alcohol, and be sure to observe speed limits in waterways.

Stay Educated of Florida Springtime Conditions

Hurricane and tropical storm warnings present additional dangers, and certain activities carry greater risk of injury or danger. To be safe this season, check in with Florida State Parks’ safety guidelines before heading outdoors and make sure all precautions are being taken.

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