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Q: Can a Firefighter/Paramedic get an Associate Degree in EMS at HCI College for advancement purpose?

A: Yes.

Q: Does HCI College offer an Associate Degree in EMS online? If so, how long is the program?

A: Yes, HCI College offers a fully online Associate of Science Degree in EMS for Paramedics. There are 5 courses that take 2 semesters, or approximately 30 weeks to complete.

Q: I am a working adult and don’t have much time to attend school. What types of schedules are available at HCI College?

A: HCI College is known for having convenient class schedules for working adults. Our Nursing students attend class on campus 1 day per week with 1-3 additional days of clinical rotations. Our Paramedic and EMT students attend class on campus 2 days per week with 1-2 days of ride times in the field to gain practical experience. HCI College is known for having a Firefighter-friendly schedule.

Q: How often does HCI College start classes?

A: HCI College has a variety of start dates throughout the year. Prospective students should contact the campuses directly to learn more about our convenient schedules. Visit these campus specific pages for contact information: Fort Lauderdale ; West Palm Beach

Q: What does it cost to go to school?

A: HCI College generally charges tuition below comparable schools in the area. Since each program has different tuition rates, students are encouraged to visit the school to arrange for a tour and learn about our various tuition payment plans.

Q: Does HCI College accept my credits for other institutions?

A: Yes, HCI College will evaluate credit form other institutions, however, transfer credit will only be issued once an official transcript is received.