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Continuing Education

To register, please call (561) 586-0121, or click here.

*Not all programs are offered at all campuses*

Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS)

Course Description: Provider Course: 16 hour course for emergency medical responders, EMTs, Paramedics, nurses, physician assistants and physicians.  This course is offered at Basic, Advanced or Combined levels, and Military Provider courses are also available.  The provider course may be offered in one of two formats:  the traditional onsite face-to-face format with lectures and skill stations; or a hybrid format, where a portion of the course is taken online in an interactive, web-based format, followed by a one day face-to-face for skill station instructions and evaluations.

Paramedic and EMT Refresher

In an effort to deliver the training you need with the convenience you desire, we have developed this training website for you: HCI College Training Center 

EMT’s and Paramedics:

  • Once you get in it will give a large variety of modules to pick from
  • Go under assignments: click on self assign
  • There you see all the courses. Pick any modules you want but you must pick at least one PEDIATRIC MODULE and the HIV/AIDS (Florida) These two classes are mandatory for renewal
  • Once you have registered and paid for the refresher you will get an email from jduffy@hci.edu with you webpage and login information
  • These modules must add up to a total of 32 hours including two hours for the HIV and two hours for the Pediatrics
  • EMT’s can pick basic modules or advanced
  • Paramedics can only pick Advanced

The one-day EMT Refresher will:

  • Prepare you to successfully complete the National Registry EMT exam.
  • Identify your topic areas of strength and weakness.
  • Help you master specific study preparation and test-taking techniques.
  • Provide a comprehensive take home Study Guide written by Dr. Bowers.
  • Review many exam questions throughout the day.
  • Provide you with a take-home on-line code to EMT Review Plus from Limmer Creative.
  • You will have unlimited internet access to over 1100 practice test questions.

The two-day Paramedic Refresher will:

  • Prepare you to successfully complete the State of Florida Paramedic certification exam.
  • Identify personal knowledge areas of strength and weakness.
  • Assist you in mastering specific test-taking and study preparation techniques.
  • Provide in-class exams with 300 practice questions.
  • Supply you with a comprehensive Study Guide and a 200 question take-home exam written by Dr. Bowers.

*When you have 32 hours including HIV/AIDS, E-mail or call us and we will issue you a certificate of completion*

Keep the certificate of completion for your records.  If you are audited by the Bureau of EMS, you will need the provider number on the certificate.

Officer Survival Class (When Seconds Matter)

When in a dynamic environment such as an officer-involved shooting, officer down, or active shooter situation, “Seconds Matter.” E.M.S /paramedics, Swat Medics, are 10 plus minutes out. In that environment you only have yourself and/or your partner to rely on for initial survival. This course is designed specifically for the patrol officer and patrol supervisors to meet and exceed the needs for emergency medical and self-aid needs. The class was developed by U.S Coast Guard Search and Rescue Emergency Medical Personnel, Tactical Crewman, and team members along with SWAT Medics.

Other Continuing Education Courses

  • Basic ECG – 

    Course Description: Basic ECG class is designed to provide a basic understanding of a rhythm seen in various cardiac conditions.  The student will be able to evaluate various cardiac rhythms and determine normal and abnormal basic cardiac rhythms. This class is the prerequisite for the 12 Lead ECG class.

  • 12 Lead ECG – 

    Course Description: 12 Lead ECG class is designed to provide a basic understanding of a 12 lead ECG.  The student will be able to diagnose various cardiac abnormalities based on changes seen in a diagnostic 12 ECG.  Prerequisite for the class is an understanding of basic ECG interpretation as taught in the Basic ECG class.


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