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Top 3 Challenges for Nursing Students

Congratulations! You did it—you got into the nursing school of your choice. Are you ready to take on everything that could come your way as a nursing student? Bear in mind that the coursework, homework, and clinical work that you’re about to take on as a nursing student are all designed for one thing: to […]

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Why Nursing is One of the Most Satisfying Professions

Despite the demands and inherent challenges of Nursing, nurses willingly dedicate a lot of time and energy to their careers. Why? Because nursing is also considered one of the most rewarding and satisfying jobs in healthcare. In fact, according to one study, the majority of registered nurses love the fact that they can make a […]

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What Does It Take to Be an EMT?

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) have one of the most exciting and fulfilling jobs in healthcare. On the other hand, as first-line medical and emergency responders, they can expect their jobs to be quite intense and demanding. The job certainly takes commitment and dedication, even to just get into the field. Let’s break down exactly why […]

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Training to Save Lives: How to Become an EMT

What does it take to become an EMT? Healthcare is a challenging industry to get into and becoming a first responder is no different. However, aspiring EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) are more than willing to take on the challenge than most.

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Top 6 In-Demand Healthcare Jobs

The healthcare industry is primed for growth. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the industry is set to add more than 4 million jobs through 2022. There are going to be many opportunities in healthcare. However, which areas and specializations are going to be most in demand?

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How to become a Nurse after High School

Nursing is a high-demand career field. While it requires a certain level of education and training, beginning a career in Registered Nursing does not mean several more years of college and an extensive residency before entering the field. RNs can begin in their career field with an associate’s degree, so it can be a great […]

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How to get into Nursing School

How to get into Nursing School

Nursing is a career that you can begin upon completion of an accredited nursing school program. Your nursing education will prepare you to enter the field of nursing in as little as two years, and you will be taking care of patients in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and more. The possibilities are endless! And it […]

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HCI College Offers Shift-Friendly Schedules

HCI College Offers Shift-Friendly Schedules for EMTs

One of the things that many people find the hardest about changing careers is time. When you already work or have other responsibilities, it can be difficult to make a career change. The Paramedic program at HCI College offers a solution that accommodates these students. Shift-friendly schedules for EMTs make it easier to attend classes […]

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Paramedic with Shift-Friendly Schedules

Becoming A Paramedic with Shift-Friendly Schedules at HCI College

Did you know that you could become a Paramedic with shift-friendly course scheduling at HCI College? The rotating shifts that many emergency workers have can make it difficult to attend school. HCI College now offers class scheduling that accommodates the ABC-style work schedules of firefighters and other emergency workers.

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HCI College Shift-Friendly Schedules

A & B Shift-Friendly Schedules at HCI College

The firefighter schedule is called an ABC schedule. What this means is that they work 24-hour shifts then have 48-hours off. Rotating shift schedules ensures that firefighters are able to train and relax between work shifts. Now, HCI College is offering A and B shift-friendly class schedules so that firefighters can attend classes to become paramedics.

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