Firefighter Schooling Requirements

Firefighter Schooling Requirements

Firefighters are integral to their communities.

Not only do they do the important work of rescuing people and animals from fires and similarly hazardous scenarios, they help to provide the public with important fire safety information, enforce fire codes to keep their communities out of danger and often perform other life-saving tasks including search and rescue and emergency extraction. Though media depictions of firefighters often depict waiting around the firehouse until an adrenaline-pumping rescue scenario arises, there is much more to the job.

The training involved in becoming a firefighter, whether you choose a volunteer or career path, is essential to becoming an effective member of the firehouse. Education and training are comprehensive, and require commitment and passion for the work.

What Are the Requirements For Firefighter Schooling?

To begin a firefighter training diploma or fire science associates degree program at Health Career Institute, candidates must meet certain requirements. These mandates ensure that future firefighters are physically, mentally, and intellectually equipped for the demands of the job. To enroll, you must be at least 18 years old, have a GED or high school diploma, and pass physical fitness and basic skills tests.

Though not a requirement for schooling, to be hired at a firehouse, it is a good idea to obtain EMT-B certification as well. This is because firefighters may arrive to an emergency scene before paramedics, and in moments of crisis, minutes may make all the difference. Performing CPR or stabilizing a patient immediately may save lives when there is no time to wait. CPR certification may be obtained in as little as three hours through an American Red Cross or similar course. EMT certification may take longer, but it could make you a more attractive and well-prepared candidate for open positions when it comes time to apply for jobs.

There are different routes to becoming a firefighter, and a degree is not always necessary, as some fire departments elect to hire candidates and allow them to complete their own training program. However, with a fire science associates degree, you may come to the candidate pool well-equipped to hit the ground running and begin working as a firefighter more quickly

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