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Becoming a Certified EMT as a Nurse in Florida

Becoming a Certified EMT as a Nurse in Florida

You may believe it is a natural progression for some EMTs to eventually gain licensure as a paramedic and then a nurse or other advanced medical care provider.

While this is true in many cases, and EMT training is an excellent first step for other types of healthcare professions, it may surprise you to learn that there are folks out there who actually move in the opposite direction. For different reasons and in different scenarios, it may be beneficial for a licensed nurse to transfer his or her credentials to an EMT certification. Luckily, the process is a relatively painless one that will save you time, money, and hassles associated with advancing your certifications in the other direction.

Why Become an EMT as a Nurse?

There are several reasons a nurse may also seek EMT certification. If nursing jobs in your area are becoming sparse or are below or beyond your skill level, working as an EMT can help keep you in the patient response world and connected to the life-saving work you love. At times, people may be faced with the need to change careers, out of interest or necessity. For former nurses, working as an EMT can help maintain that connection to patient care and the medical community. And even if working as a nurse is already your full-time job, perhaps the community is in need of more emergency responders. If you already love the work you do and feel compelled to spend even more time on the job, this makes for an easy transition.

How to Earn Your EMT Certification

According to the Florida Department of Health, it is possible to translate your credentials from one position to another. This may help you avoid extended schooling, extra costs, and an added time commitment you might not be able to make. Your state-approved nursing license can translate to an EMT certification if it is in good standing and has been earned and maintained through all necessary and appropriate channels.

Using your nursing credentials as provided by the NCLEX, you can apply for an EMT certification through the Florida Department of Health. To do this, you must visit the EMT and paramedic licensing organization online, NREMT.org. You may be able to bypass the examination step in some cases. Be prepared to submit a physical copy of your Florida nursing license as well.

For more information, visit floridahealth.gov and NREMT.org.

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