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How to Break Into the Healthcare Management Industry

How to Break Into the Healthcare Management Industry

Some people feel the call to become doctors or nurses and spend their lives healing the sick.

Those are, of course, honorable career paths, but they’re not for everyone. If you’ve spent time dreaming about a career in the healthcare industry but aren’t sure if working directly in patient care is right for you, you might want to consider taking a different approach and joining the workforce as a healthcare management professional.

Though still active and extremely valuable to healthcare operations and medical settings like hospitals and physicians’ offices, healthcare management professionals are not involved in diagnoses and treatment, but manage other aspects of patient care such as advocacy, support, administrative, and more. Some professional titles that fall into this umbrella include:

● In-home care office manager
● Payor services manager
● Hospital patient services representative
● Program support assistant
● Hospital business analyst
● Insurance claims and adjustments supervisor
● Healthcare accounts receivable/billing manager

For some people, working in healthcare management may also be a good way to begin exploring the healthcare industry without diving all the way into a clinical education program. Healthcare management can be a lifelong career, or the first step in a multilayered career in the health industry.

So how do you go about getting started?

Get an Education in Healthcare Management

Some positions may require a bachelor’s degree you might obtain from a traditional public college or university, but others may be accessible to you with a diploma or concentrated professional study program. Research the roles your skills and personality fit best with, and then inquire with local professionals and education institutions as to the best course of study for your ideal healthcare management career.

Gain Experience in Healthcare Management

Your education will get you in the door, but the experience you gain on the job will be the invaluable resume-booster that positions you for promotions and career advancement. With technology touching so many aspects of health and business, there are always going to be opportunities to stay on the cutting edge while you learn on the job.

Join an Industry Association

Professional organizations keep you in the loop on trainings, development courses, and job openings. Don’t miss out on opportunities by foregoing this step!

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