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Top 10 Apps for Nurses

Top 10 Apps for Nurses

When it comes to the many facets of nursing, from studying and training to sending patients home with care plans, it’s okay to ask for help to get the important job done.

Here are some apps that rise to the challenge as a nurse, right from the smartphone in your hand.

For Nursing Students

1. Davis Mobile NCLEX-RN Apps
These must-haves take a spin on the Davis Company’s study materials that have been published since 1879. Nursing students will thank these digital study supports come exam time.

2. Human Anatomy Atlas
More than 3,800 3D images make this human anatomy and structure study app crucial for nursing students preparing for exams. Quizzes and learning guides help you make the grade.

3. Med Mnemonics 
With all the mnemonics nurses rely on, it’s important to know your RN from LPN and everything in between. Memorize them all with this fun memory trick app.

Nursing News & Journals

4. MedPage Today
Stay on the cutting edge of industry news and relevant medical current events, conferences and symposia.

5. Medscape WebMD
Everyone’s favorite, WebMD comes to your phone in an easy app that gives access to headline stories and breaking news, plus everything you already consult the website for.

Medication, Assessment & Diagnosis Tools for Nurses

6. Davis Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests 
With more than 400 tests stored on this Davis app’s database, nurses can navigate and understand tests with more ease than before.

7. Epocrates
This top-ranked app offers a basic version including a drug and interaction guide plus up-to-date research, though the premium version will unlock added features.

8. Eponyms
A handy app that lets you never confuse a scientist for a patient again. The medical community is full of eponyms and now you can finally keep them all straight.

Administrative Tools for Nurses

9. Davis Mobile: Nursing Procedure Checklists
Administrative tasks shouldn’t stress nurses out, but they always do. Simplify these tasks and daily chores with this app.

Nurse Apps for Patient Care

10. Nurse’s Pocket Guide
Simple and useful, this right hand app includes tools for assessment and care plan development to give nurses a bit of diagnostic support.

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