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Top 10 Apps for Firefighters

Top 10 Apps for Firefighters

There’s no arguing that we live in a highly digitized world with technology solving a new problem or simplifying our work in some new way every time we turn around.

Why stop short of using technology in all professions to be more efficient? Somewhat surprisingly, this can include the firefighting profession! Here are 10 top apps for firefighters on the job.

1. 5-0 Radio Police Scanner
Get access to a wide range of emergency radios to be the first to know about goings on around town, emergency situations and other need-to-know local information.

2. Bryx911
Receive real-time 911 alerts that include important location and scene information, plus easily navigate to where you’re needed. Connect with other emergency personnel and report status updates, receive tips and more.

3. Collector for ArcGIS
Gather and store important historical data to be ahead of emergency situations like wildfires. It’s estimated that using this app can keep firefighters an hour ahead of fires, as opposed to without it.

Search drug information, identify pills, record and keep track of personal medications and dosages and have all the reference material you need handy. Includes a searchable drug database and information on various drug interactions, consumer information, and FDA alerts.

5. Explorer for ArcGIS
Share maps via email, messaging, and other digital methods. Search for assets information, make determinations with relation to current location and share this information with others.

Tap into this free resource for breaking industry news, tips and professional advice, reports, and updated information.

7. Firefighter Pocketbook
Refer to this comprehensive training tool for firefighters, useful for both students on the rise and veterans looking to perform at their best level.

8. Fire Flow/Pump Pressure Calculator
Calculate estimated requirements to extinguish a structure fire, plus pump discharge pressures simply during emergency responding or preemptively as a part of training or response preparation.

9. Friction Loss Calculator
Figure friction loss based on the coefficient for hoses of diameter 3/4″ to 6″, hose length, gallons per minute, and number of appliances.

10. Firehouse Scheduler
Track schedules, time-off requests and approvals, and other housekeeping tasks required to keep a firehouse running smoothly.

Let these apps help you today!

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