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How to be a Good Nurse Leader

How to be a Good Nurse Leader

In virtually any field, there are qualities that make professionals stand out in important and distinguished ways.

Nursing is no different. Nurses not only provide medical care and attention to patients, but they provide comfort, support, education, and information to patients’ families and loved ones. And no nurse operates alone: teamwork among the nursing corps is integral to the success of each and every medical environment. What unites the team successfully, however, is a strong and capable nurse leader.

Jeanine Frumenti, DNP, MPA, RN, CLNC has worked in healthcare for nearly 40 years, throughout which time she’s established herself as a leader in the nursing community in the New York and New Jersey area. She founded the firm Holistic Leadership Consulting in 2014 and has learned the ins and outs of what separates a good nurse from a strong nurse leader. In a recent interview with, she identified some of the key qualities of the latter.

Focus on the Wellbeing of Everyone
A good nurse leader, says Frumenti, knows “it’s not about them.” Their focus stays on what is best for their medical center or office, their nursing staff and colleagues, and the patients above all. They remain on-task and prioritize the greater good.

Ask the Right Questions
A positive nurse leader is not afraid to explore the systems and processes and dig a little deeper. They ask questions like “How can we make staff’s work life better?” and, more to the point, are willing to offer answers and solutions to those questions as well, sharing their insights into various situations.

Be Educated and Aware
Nurse leaders stay current on their field and seek to remain as highly educated as possible. Says Frumenti, they “are not afraid to make evidence-based decisions,” and know that trusting their knowledge is fundamental to leading others.

Encourage and Inspire
Frumenti says the best nurse leaders are “transformational” people, who encourage and inspire greatness in those around them. They enable others to speak up, and they themselves own their position in the workplace as leaders and as team players. They set positive examples, “walk the walk” and create a team others want to be a part of.

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