Firefighter Career Facts

Firefighter Career Facts

Choosing to become a career firefighter is a great responsibility and, for many, an extremely rewarding decision.

Firefighters are integral parts of their communities, working not only to tame fires, but also to prevent fires and other avoidable catastrophes, educate the public on fire safety, identify hazards and fire sources, and keep the community at large safe from harm.

If you think your calling is to be a firefighter, but aren’t exactly sure what that career might look like, read on for some facts and trivia about a firefighting career.

● Entry-level firefighters typically are only required to obtain a post-secondary non-degree credential. Learn more about how to become a firefighter at HCI.
● The median salary in 2014 was $45,970 annually, or over $22 per hour, according to
● Most of the job training occurs on the job, while you are already working in your desired field.
● Firefighters are seeing an average growth rate of about 5%.
● Firefighters are often trained to give emergency medical care at emergency scenes.
● Firefighters work long shifts, often a few days at a time, usually totaling more than 40 hours per week. However, the time off between shifts generally lasts a few days as well.
● No two days are alike for a firefighter, which many find exciting and interesting enough to keep them in the field for many years.
● Firefighters should be in great physical condition with strength and stamina to answer the many calls and demands on the job.

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