CPR App – Lifesaving in Your Pocket

Pocket First Aid & CPR

As our world continues to advance technologically, its no surprise that there are apps available for download on your smartphone that have been designed to improve cardiac arrest survival rates. 

Many of us spend a lot of time on our phones, and having an accessible application at the touch of a finger may save a life and help improve the survival rate of cardiac arrest.

Pocket First Aid & CPR

The Pocket First Aid & CPR app is updated with the American Heart Associations guidelines on CPR. This application provides instruction for users on adult, child, and infant CPR and includes several videos and illustrations to help when youre on the go and in an emergency.  Although this application does not replace formal training, this is a great tool to have.


PocketCPR for iPhone is an application that gives real-time instructions for CPR, so you can be ready for a sudden cardiac arrest emergency.  This application can give real-time training and feedback on CPR while you learn and practice.   PocketCPR for iPhone can also measure the rate and depth of your compressions.

PulsePoint Respond App

The PulsePoint Respond application is designed to notify CPR-trained individuals who are willing to assist in an emergency, that there is someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest nearby.  Typically, PulsePoint Respond is promoted to Fire and EMS agencies.  Notifications to CPR-trained citizens are made simultaneously to the dispatch of advanced medical care, such as paramedics.  Notifications are only made if the sudden cardiac arrest happens in a public place, and will only notify those who are within walking distance from the vicinity.  If notified, the CPR-trained individual will receive the notification which is a distinct alert tone, followed by a map which shows the location of the emergency and the location of the citizen rescuer.  The map will also show the exact location for publicly accessible AEDs.

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