9 Leadership Qualities for Fire Companies

Leadership Qualities Fire Companies


Fire companies work to eliminate fires and ensure fire safety for their communities. A department relies on each member of the fire service team to get the job done. Without everyone on board, the fire company will not be as effective.

These are the nine leadership qualities that makes fire companies more successful.

Fire company members should be knowledgeable about fire safety, fire elimination, and rescue techniques. They should know how to run the firetruck and hose, how to check for supplies, and what to do in an emergency. Fire company officers should know how to put out fires and prevent them.

Good listener
Being able to listen is the mark of a good leader. Fire company officers need to be able to listen to their team members and to the people they rescue. Compassion goes a long way. When on the job, fire company team members need to pay attention to what is being said when instructions are given. They also need to be able to listen when victims need help.

Effective communication
In the same way that good leaders listen, they should be able to effectively communicate. Teams work well together when people communicate with each other. Leadership also needs to be able to make their instructions clear, and firefighters should know who to talk to when they have questions about something.

Situations change quickly when fighting fires. Being able to adapt to sudden changes is important for firefighters. As a whole, fire companies also need to adapt to changing technologies that make their jobs more effective.

Leaders should motivate their team members. Firefighting can be a tough job. Team members can become disheartened or suffer from exhaustion. Being able to motivate each other is important.

Dedicated firefighters save more lives. Fire companies should develop the dedication of their team members. The job requires a certain level of dedication.

Sometimes firefighters need to make split-second decisions when rescuing people from a burning building or dangerous situation. They need to rely on their knowledge and skills, and they need to be able to make the right decision when under pressure.

Fire companies should see themselves in the future. How will the fire company become better over time? Where are they headed? How will they get there?

Going toward a fire is dangerous, but firefighters must be able to face fires and enter buildings that may fall down around them. They have to face any fear and rescue people who are trapped. Courage is a quality that all fire companies need to possess.


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