Nursing Career 2018

Nursing Career 2018

The year 2018 holds promise for aspiring nurses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurses remain a high-demand career with plenty of growth potential.

Planning for your nursing career is an important step toward achieving your goals.

Planning a nursing career


When we plan our careers, we tend to start with large goals. Those goals might seem impossible to meet. Why not make your nursing career goals more reachable by breaking them down into smaller goals, or milestones?

Your milestones could include some of the following: “I will pass my professional nursing courses.” “I will become a Registered Nurse this year.” Milestones can help you to measure your progress in your career, and you can celebrate each success.

As you plan your career, make sure to keep your CV/resume updated. Did you volunteer as a nurse at a community clinic? Did you serve as a nurse in a natural disaster area? Keep track of your accomplishments and have a resume ready to go. That way, you are prepared to apply for opportunities as they arise.

Evaluate your education needs. If you are a Registered Nurse with an associate’s degree, maybe it is time to get a bachelor’s degree. RNs who aspire to become Nurse Practitioners have to get more education before they can become CNPs. Do you want to specialize in a field of medicine? That might require more education, too.


Stay connected


Your networking contacts are important. Stay in contact with the professionals you have met over the years, and update contact information as necessary. The best way to get a job is to know someone in the field or at the location where you want to work.

Find a coach or a mentor who can provide advice and guide you along the way. Planning your career can be daunting. Few people succeed without the help of others. Find someone who is willing to become your mentor as you develop your career.

Consider your current job position. Do you want to stay where you are in 2018? Maybe you want to upgrade your skills or take on more responsibility. Maybe you are happy working where you are right now.

Don’t forget to have non-career hobbies. Everyone needs a way to take away the stress of their days. We work hard all week. Having a hobby, like painting or hiking, can be a great stress reliever. We are also at our best when we give ourselves the chance to recharge.


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