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New App Provides EMTs with Vital Patient Information

New App Provides EMTs with Vital Patient Information


First responders need to know what health conditions a patient might have before they choose the right method for caring for the patient.

An IV drip of a certain medication could have bad consequences if it interacts with a patient’s medications, for example. How can an Emergency Medical Technician know what to do in these instances?


In Case of Emergency


Well, there is an app for that! The Vital ICE (In Case of Emergency) mobile application that can hold all of the important information that EMTs would need.

People can store their emergency contact numbers, prescription medications list, blood type, and current healthcare conditions within the app. Then Paramedics and EMTs can access it in case of an emergency.

For those who do not want to use the app, professionals recommend that people post this vital information on their fridges or put it on a card that they place in their wallets.

EMTs can use this information to provide the right care for patients in distress. Life-threatening conditions can be exacerbated if the wrong treatment or medication is used on a patient with certain conditions or on certain medications.


Saving More Lives


This app can save even more lives. EMTs, Paramedics, and other medical professionals need access to this information when providing care.

A patient might not be able to verbally provide their vital information during an emergency, so an app like this can go a long way in helping first responders do their jobs.

What makes this app even better? There is an emergency alert within the app. Patients can press the emergency alert button with one touch.

People who use the app will also be able to post sticker notices, or emblems, on their houses or phones to let first responders know where to find their emergency information.

This could be a game-changer for public housing residents and the elderly. In case of an emergency, their first responders will know the best way to approach their treatments, tailored just for them.


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