Nursing Named Most Honest, Ethical Position for 16th Consecutive Year

Nursing Named Most Honest, Ethical Position for 16th Consecutive Year


When people say that honesty is the best policy, the nursing profession take it to heart. A recent Gallup poll revealed that nursing is considered the most honest and ethical profession out of a list of 22 occupations.

People trust nurses more than they trust politicians, judges, clergy, bankers, lawyers and other occupations. According to Gallup, nurses usually surpass most other professions in public opinion. There was one year when nursing did not make the top spot in public trust, but nursing is generally regarded as an honest and ethical profession.


Nurses Earn The Trust Of Their Patients


It is encouraging that people trust their nurses. When it comes to healthcare, patients need to know that their health providers are giving them the most accurate information regarding their health. They also need assurance that they are receiving the right care for their injuries and illnesses.

When patients do not trust their healthcare providers, they do not follow the advice they are given for managing their health and their conditions. This puts patients at risk for adverse problems if they do not follow instructions. Ignoring directions for managing diabetes or an injury like a broken arm or leg could result in life-threatening or permanent conditions.

Nurses are even more trusted than physicians and doctors, according to the Gallup poll. What does that mean? People may trust their doctors, but it is nurses who work more closely with patients and provide the compassionate care that patients receive on a regular basis.


Nurses Are Fulfilling Their Calling


The public trust in nursing shows that nurses are fulfilling their duty. The field of nursing is all about serving patients with the utmost honesty and ethics. If patients are expressing their trust in nursing, then that means that nurses are earning that trust every day.

It is a testament to the work that nurses do. Whether a nurse works in the maternity unit at the hospital or in the emergency room, patients believe that their nurses have their best interests in mind. They will be more open to healthcare providers that they trust and more willing to listen to health advice and suggestions.

Nursing is also a high-demand career field. When so many people are wanting to become nurses, it is encouraging that these same people are earning the trust of their patients and working toward a common goal.



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