The Next Generation of Firefighter

The Next Generation of Firefighter

Firefighting has entered a new generation. As veterans retire, new firefighters join the ranks.

They come with knowledge of the latest technologies used in firefighting and fire prevention and an eagerness to learn more. Today’s firefighters are not the same as yesterday’s firefighters.

Technology Advancements


The next generation of firefighters will be working with drones on a regular basis. From all the legal and ethical implications to the skill required for flying drones, these firefighters will have the training needed to accomplish what would have been impossible just a few years ago.

Technology that assesses the fire is at their fingertips. They will find new ways to fight fires that save more lives and stop fires from spreading as quickly as they do now. Maybe wildfires won’t destroy an entire coast during the next generation of firefighters. Maybe fire departments will have the technology to eliminate fires before they become out-of-control blazes.

Advances in fire safety could also be in the future. It could be better monitoring for buildings that can bring firefighters to the scene faster. Maybe there will be new materials that makes homes and businesses less susceptible to fire.

Fire trucks might get “smarter.” Self-driving cars are still in the works, but no one can say that it won’t make its way to emergency services like fire departments and EMS. Fire trucks could also be enhanced with technology that allows the driver to see even more and maneuver even better. The next generation of firefighting could be one of unexpected but wonderful additions to the tools that firefighters already implement in their jobs.


Reducing Personal Risk


The next generation of firefighters also understands the risk of cancer. Today’s firefighting gear protects firefighters from breathing in toxic chemicals and smoke from fires, but tomorrow’s gear could become even more advanced at reducing the risk of cancer.

Firefighting has a great future ahead of it. We look forward to what the next generation of firefighting will bring for our communities. Leaders will come from the ranks who bring firefighting into the next generation. New skills will enhance the old ones. Let’s get ready for the new generation of firefighters.


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