5 Reasons to Consider Working as a Male Nurse

Reasons to Consider Working as a Male Nurse


More men are beginning to enter the field of nursing, which has predominantly been considered a woman’s domain.

United States culture has often labeled caregiving activities as “women’s work” as a means to devalue the important work that nurses do for their communities. Yet, 13 percent of nurses are now men.

The nursing profession deserves respect, regardless of which gender dominates the field. Nurses coordinate patient care, perform medical processes and do much of the same things that doctors do.

Men can and do become nurses, too. Check out these five reasons to consider working as a male nurse:


High-Demand Career

Nurses continue to be in high demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts that the nursing field will grow 15 percent between the years 2016 and 2026. This is faster than the average expected growth in all other industries! The salary expectation for nurses is also quite appealing. According to the BLS, government registered nurses can make $73,980 annually while hospital registered nurses can make $70,590 annually.

Long History of Male Nurses

Male nurses actually have a long history that has been forgotten today. Ancient Greece had male nurses who would serve the public [PDF]. While nursing eventually became dominated by women, the fact remains that male nurses had been as accepted as female nurses are today.

Breaking Stereotypes

Breaking stereotypes is also a good thing. Our acceptance of a profession should be gender neutral. Both women and men can contribute to the nursing field and provide exceptional care to their patients. Success in nursing is dependent on one’s knowledge and skill, not on whether one identifies as a man or woman. If a man feels a call to become nurse, then he should answer that call.

Different Specialties 

Nursing offers several specialties. Male nurses can choose from the specialties that interest them the most and train for those departments. Whether it’s the emergency room or pediatrics, male nurses can find their fit within the nursing field. They can grow in the field and develop their careers through education and skills.

Connecting with Male Patients

Male nurses may be able to connect with male patients who feel uncomfortable discussing certain problems with female nurses. Human discomfort is a fact of life. Some patients feel better revealing their health issues to someone of the same gender, so the presence of more male nurses could help male patients be more open about their symptoms and conditions.

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