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New Ambulance Lights Designed to Decrease Distracted Driving

New Ambulance Lights Designed to Decrease Distracted Driving

Most drivers pay attention when they see an ambulance rushing past them. The sirens atop the ambulance warn the drivers that an emergency crew is on its way to reach a patient.

Yet, some drivers might not be aware of when an ambulance is about to stop.

Distracted Drivers


Ambulances have been rear-ended by distracted drivers who didn’t realize that the ambulance braked. A solution to this problem could be special ambulance lights that let drivers know that the ambulance is making a stop.

The new brake lights are moved to the sides of the back ambulance doors, making it easier for drivers to see them. When the ambulance is going to stop, the new ambulance lights flash an additional warning. Drivers can differentiate these lights from the siren lights above and recognize that the ambulance is putting on the brakes.

An ambulance that gets rear-ended will not be able to perform its life-saving duties or get to the hospital on time. The drivers will need to deal with their insurance and speak to the ambulance drivers, which can slow down the response time for the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) teams. If the accident is really bad, it could even put the ambulance out of commission on its call.

Crashing into an ambulance can have disastrous consequences for everyone involved. First, a new ambulance will need to be dispatched. Second, a patient that needed to be rushed to the hospital will suffer a delay in medical care. Third, the ambulance could be taken out of commission.


New Brake Lights


EMS teams hope that the addition of new ambulance lights will help to reduce crashes between distracted drivers and ambulances. Adding these new lights to ambulances could reduce the risk of drivers crashing into the backend of ambulances when they stop at their destination.

Drivers can become distracted by the sirens or from their phones, and these brake lights are more likely to get their attention versus the old brake lights. These new lights are much higher up and make them easier to see.

Small changes can have a huge impact on the industry. It is important to look for ways to improve the effectiveness of health care and protect patients who need medical treatment.



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