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Cell Phones are #1 EMS Game Changer

Cell Phones EMS Game Changer

We have gotten so used to cell phones that many of us cannot remember a time when mobile phones in some form did not exist.

Before cell phones, an Emergency Medical Services team would have to rely on walkie-talkies or radios to communicate with each other. Radios could be unreliable. What would an EMS team do when their radio ceased to function?Communication would have been difficult. Enter the cell phone. The cellphone has changed the EMS landscape by making the communication between EMS teams and their hospitals more efficient than ever before.

Solving Communication Problems 


The cell phone solved an important communication problem for EMS teams. Now they did not have to worry if their radios stopped working or if their walkie-talkies got out of range. Everyone was reachable at the touch of a button. Now EMS teams could coordinate better in the event of a large-scale emergency, or they could easily reach their hospitals to prep the nurses and doctors about an incoming patient.

Today, we also have the smartphone. Smartphones are more advanced versions of the cell phones from the early to mid-1990s. Emergency Medical Service teams can look up directions to an address on their phones, receive alerts about detours en route, and check the weather for their shift.

The invention of the cell phone completely changed what the job was like for Emergency Medical Services teams. With efficient and reliable communication, EMS teams can provide faster service to patients who need immediate help. They can call ahead to let doctors know when an infectious patient is on the way or a life-and-death situation is at hand.



Knowledge at their Fingertips


Medical applications on smartphones might also revolutionize the way that Emergency Medical Services teams do their jobs. Now EMS can carry all of their knowledge in their pockets and get a refresher whenever they need it. Without the invention of the cell phone, none of this would be possible.

Cell phones have become an important tool for EMS. And as smartphones become even smarter, the handheld computers that we call the cell phone could become even more vital to the industry.




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