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Technologies Affecting Nursing

Technologies Affecting Nursing


Before modern technology, nurses and doctors had to rely on guesswork and common medical knowledge in order to make diagnoses.

New technologies have made it easier to determine a correct diagnosis much faster by providing precise measurements and accurate test results. Check out some of the latest technologies that are affecting nursing:

Thanks to advances in genetics, nurses can determine what diseases and illnesses that a patient may be prone to. Gene editing may also make it possible to eliminate some predispositions to certain hereditary diseases and improve quality of life for many patients. It can also lead to cures for lifelong and chronic illnesses.


Genetics provide a roadmap for correct diagnoses and for developing cures for many of the diseases that plague us now. For nurses, it provides the necessary information to predict the likelihood of a patient for developing a disease or passing it on to their children.


Biometrics technology advances mean that nurses will be able to identify patients and their charts through fingerprinting or voice recognition. In some hospitals, nurses clock in or enter restricted areas using their biometrics as identification instead of the old badges from yesteryear. The future might include ways for patients to provide all of their medical history just from placing their fingerprint onto a device.

Social Media

Social media is also playing a role in nursing. It might come as a surprise, but social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn can provide invaluable networking opportunities for nurses. It can also be a space to share new research. Medical professionals can post reminders for checkups, immunizations, and more so that their friends and colleagues stay “in the know.”

Nurses should NEVER post disparaging remarks or reveal personal information about their patients. Social media can be a great technology for nurses to use but needs to be handled with wisdom and discretion.

These advances in technology have opened new doors for those in the nursing field. Nurses can experience more efficiency in their jobs and accuracy in diagnosing their patients. It also provides more information that nurses can use to work with their patients in managing their health care.


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