What to Expect as a Career EMT

What to Expect as a Career EMT


Days will vary for a career as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Some days will have several emergencies, while others might not have as many incidences. EMTs have a lot that comes their way.

What Days are like for EMTs

A day in the life of an EMT can cover a gamut of medical situations. EMTs might have cardiac and accident patients, as well as minor injuries like a sprained ankle or sore throats. People are not always sure what constitutes an emergency and will call the emergency line just in case. That means that EMTs will be providing emergency care and ordinary health care that makes patients more comfortable until they can see a doctor.

When out in the field, EMTs will work closely with firefighters and police. EMT ambulances will often be called to emergency scenes involving fires and crime. When this happens, it can be very stressful and traumatic to witness. EMTs need to keep cool and focus on the task at hand. Being able to handle stressful medical situations is the hallmark of being a good EMT.

Other days might involve answering ambulance calls to people’s homes. An EMT will check for life signs, make patients who have fallen more comfortable and check for broken bones, and provide necessary care. Sometimes patients will still need to be transported to the hospital or to an emergency room, so EMTs and Paramedics will take the patients to the hospital to receive further care.

Facing a Variety of Situations

Career EMTs face a variety of situations throughout their careers. The days and nights will vary, like in any pre-hospital and hospital medical situation, and quick-thinking and fast action will serve an important role in the success of an EMT. Shifts can be eight to 15 hours long depending on how the EMS unit determines the length of shifts.

Becoming a career EMT begins with getting the right education and training. HCI’s EMT program is 150 clock hours that includes lectures and hands-on training in the field. The program prepares students to take the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) exam ad become a certified EMT in the state of Florida. Contact us to learn more!


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