Jobs with a Fire Science Degree

Jobs with a Fire Science Degree


Becoming a firefighter was an important life decision.

Now might be the time to take your firefighting career to the next level with a degree in Fire Science. This degree equips students with the knowledge to not only combat fires but also the science behind fires and firefighting. It opens the doors to a variety of career paths within the fire department, as well.

Potential Career Paths

Fire Science degrees qualify students to advance into leadership positions. The education and training received prepares them to take on more responsibilities within the fire department. Some of the jobs that a Fire Science graduate can get include the following:

  • Fire Officer: Represent your fire department and lead a group of firefighters. Another term for this position is Company Officer. The Fire Officer organizes the fire department, supervises other firefighters, and communicates with the public on behalf of the fire department.
  • Fire Marshal: Enforce the law and work with fire investigators to determine the causes of fires. The fire marshal does police work related specifically to fires.
  • Fire Investigator: Investigate the cause of fires. The fire investigator will search for and gather evidence in possible criminal investigations related to fires. Like the fire marshal, the fire investigator serves a law enforcement function.
  • Smokejumper: When firefighters and hotshot crews are unable to reach an area where a forest fire has begun, smokejumpers jump from planes to fight the fire at its source before it becomes an uncontrollable inferno. This position will require additional training, but the Fire Science degree provides the educational basis for this position.
  • Fire Chief: The fire chief is the head of a fire department. A degree in Fire Science qualifies firefighters to receive this promotion. Requirements for fire chief might vary by department but typically involve years of experience in addition to the degree.

Why Get a Degree in Fire Science

An Associate of Science in Fire Science can prepare you for a variety of roles within the fire department. The degree provides the knowledge base that supervisory and managerial roles require. With a Fire Science degree, you can acquire the knowledge and skills needed to take your firefighting career to the next level. All courses have been approved by the Florida State Fire College.


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