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How To Become a Certified Firefighter

How To Become a Certified Firefighter

Becoming a certified firefighter is a big career choice. Proper training prepares firefighters to stop fires in their tracks, rescue people and animals from buildings, and help people who have become trapped or need assistance. Firefighters do more than run into dangerous situations.

Certified firefighters will need to be able to maintain the fire engine and all related equipment, as well as help victims of fires and fire-related trauma until other emergency services arrive.

What Does It Take To Become A Certified Firefighter?

To become a certified firefighter in Florida, firefighters will need to complete the Firefighter Minimum Standards Course and submit the Application for Certification as a Firefighter II. Firefighters need to be trained in fire equipment safety and handling, fire hydraulics, fire chemistry, how to fight different types of fires, and how to handle hazardous materials. Firefighters will also need to be certified as emergency medical technicians (EMTs) or paramedics before applying for firefighter certification with the state of Florida.

Fire Officer I training will prepare the certified firefighter to become leaders in their fire departments. The courses highlight management and communication skills, transitional and interpersonal leadership, and fire department supervision. The Fire Officer II courses train firefighters in fire department management. After training, a graduate can apply for Fire Officer Certificate of Competency from the Division of State Fire Marshal and take on supervisory roles within their fire departments.

How Can Certified Firefighters Qualify For Other Firefighter Certifications?

An Associate of Science degree in Fire Science from HCI is a two-year program that covers firefighting techniques, fire prevention best practices, fire codes and standards, firefighting tactics and strategies, and fire investigation. Physical tests and hands-on learning further prepare the firefighter for certifications in firefighting, fire officer, fire investigation, and fire code administrator. Students can also qualify for fire service instruction certifications upon completion of the program. Firefighter certifications in Florida can open many doors for a rewarding career in fire science for passionate and determined firefighters.

Learning how to become a certified firefighter can be the first start to beginning a rewarding career as a firefighter. All it takes is dedication and hard work to reach your career goals! Find out more about HCI’s fire training programs here.

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