Firefighter 2017 Job Outlook

Firefighter 2017 Job Outlook

Firefighting continues to be a high-demand career in Florida. Local firefighting departments must be available to control fires and respond to emergency situations within their communities.

The round-the-clock firefighting teams provide a valuable service that no community can do without.

Firefighters must be available 24/7 when they’re on the schedule. These men and women train in emergency medical procedures and rescue techniques so that they can face any fire or emergency situation while on the field. Firefighters control wildfires, rescue people and animals from burning buildings, and work to stop fires before they spread to other areas.

It is a challenging career that has remained steady for many years and continues to show a strong job outlook in 2017.

National and Local Expected Job Growth

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for firefighters is expected to grow 5 percent from 2014 to 2024 nationwide. Florida employs over 24,250 firefighters across the state and also qualifies as one of the states with the highest level of employment for firefighters.

The 2017 job outlook for firefighters is very bright. Competition for firefighter jobs will be strong as the field has continued to grow over the years. BLS estimates that fire departments receive hundreds of applications every year as the field only requires a high school diploma and certified training for entrance. The challenges that firefighters face on a daily basis can also be attractive to many people, as well as the opportunity to serve their communities in a much-needed capacity.

The state of Florida ranks third in the highest concentration of employment for firefighters. Florida has 2.95 employed firefighters per thousand jobs across the state. And as older firefighters retire or move up within their departments, new positions will become available.

How You Can Become a Firefighter

At Health Career Institute, you can train to become a certified firefighter or complete an Associate of Science in Fire Science to expand your career options within your fire department. The program will give graduates a competitive edge to enter the field as Fire Officer I, Fire Officer II, and Fire Inspector. All courses within the Fire Science Program are approved by the Florida State Fire College. This provides a strong educational base for advancement as a firefighter, increasing your chances within the growing field of firefighting.

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