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Volunteer Firefighter Duties

Volunteer Firefighter Duties

Volunteer firefighting can be a great way to begin a career in firefighting or to give back to your community.

Like career firefighters, volunteers must undergo training in order to work in the field. This rewarding option provides additional firefighters to the fire department who wouldn’t be able to join the team otherwise, such as having a full-time day job.

Volunteer firefighters do many of the same things that career firefighters do. These men and women rescue people in distress, perform emergency life-supporting services, suppress fires, and inspect equipment. Like their career firefighter counterparts, volunteer firefighters risk their lives every time they work in order to provide emergency services to fire victims.

Job Duties for Volunteer Firefighters

The volunteer firefighter must also possess a current and valid Volunteer Firefighter Certificate of Completion issued by the Division of State Fire Marshal under s. 633.408, Florida Statutes. Florida volunteer firefighters provide support services to career firefighters and remain outside of the “hot zone,” the area where the most danger exists.

Duties and responsibilities for Florida volunteer firefighters include opening and closing fire hydrants, pulling the fire hose, driving the fire truck, directing the flow of traffic, carrying tools and moving other equipment, or being in charge of the resource pool. In general, the volunteer firefighter won’t be going into the burning buildings but will assist the career firefighters in a variety of ways.

Fire departments need volunteer firefighters just as much as they need career firefighters. Suppressing fires requires a team effort, and having more than enough people on hand can mean the difference between life and death in many fire emergency situations. Volunteer firefighters improve the speed and efficiency of their local fire departments. In an emergency, both speed and efficiency play a role in the success of a team emergency rescue effort.

Volunteer Firefighter Training

Getting a quality firefighting education with hands-on experience can prepare you for a volunteer firefighter position in your community. HCI offers training for fire officers and fire inspectors, as well as an Associate of Science degree in Fire Science. Your local fire department can also direct you in what you need to begin as a volunteer firefighter.

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