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Florida EMT and Paramedic Information

Florida EMT and Paramedic Information

EMTs and paramedics are essential members of the communities and healthcare systems.

Whether folded into local government, an independent ambulance corps or agency, or dispatched from a regional hospital, they are the first responders that often provide life-saving care to patients in accidents and other dangerous scenarios. They provide on-scene care as well as transportation to hospitals as necessary. EMTs’ work is challenging, physically demanding, at times physically and emotionally exhausting, yet certainly crucial to the safety and wellbeing of a community.

Becoming an EMT or Paramedic in Florida

To become an emergency responder in Florida, you must successfully complete all training and practical requirements that equip you with the skills and abilities to perform on the job. Learn about how you can start and complete your EMT education here at HCI. Upon training completion, candidates in the state must pass either the Florida Examination or the national board, the NREMT. Applications and fees are required.

The exams serve to test the knowledge and skills gained during schooling and practical training. Expect a written and demonstrative portion of the exam, as well to submit documentation verifying your program’s accreditation.

Certification Maintenance for EMTs and Paramedics in Florida

As of April 2016, House Bill 941 is in effect and regulating the licenses of Florida EMTs and paramedics. The law states that any licenses that are not renewed after their two-year activation period will become known as inactive. For four years, licenses may remain inactive and EMTs may renew according to the standard renewal procedures, plus a late fine. After two years of inactivity, those wishing to renew licenses must also pass the certification exam again.

The law also makes adjustments to requirements of licensure for individuals who obtain EMT training elsewhere, such as in the U.S. military or in a state other than Florida.

To learn more about becoming and remaining an actively-licensed EMT in the state of Florida, visit floridahealth.gov.

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