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Earning Your Nursing Degree While Working

Earning Your Nursing Degree While Working

There are various situations that may lead you to a place where you decide to return to school, or perhaps undertake higher education for the very first time, while you are working full-time.

Perhaps you’ve been working in a related medical or healthcare profession, like an EMT or nursing assistant or medical office assistant. Perhaps you embarked on one career path, only to discover it isn’t for you. Or maybe your situation dictated that college or a certificate program on the traditional post-high school path wasn’t the right sequence for you and you went to work full-time.

In all of these situations, it’s highly possible that becoming a full-time student seems out of reach while the need to work to support yourself or your family persists. For some, this will be a major roadblock that keeps you away from your true calling of nursing for many years. But when you discover your desire to work as a nurse, the earlier you embark on this career, the happier you will be. And luckily, pursuing your nursing education while maintaining your current job is more possible than ever at HCI.

How HCI Can Help You Reach Your Nursing Career Goals

Many people delay their education because it doesn’t seem possible to juggle school and work. Because while education is important, keeping your basic needs met is too! At HCI, we understand this better than anyone, and have developed our nursing programs in order to accommodate students as much as possible, in whatever situation they find themselves. HCI curricula take into account the struggles that come with working and attending school, including transportation and travel time issues, costs, and of course, the fact that no one can be in two places at once.

HCI programs are flexible, allowing students to take fewer or more courses depending on their schedules and what they’re able to juggle. Online programming helps classes feel more accessible and assignments less daunting. Programs can often be lengthened or accelerated to suit your needs. And for students seeking a bachelor’s degree in nursing, our program is offered completely online. Meaning you can become a nurse without having to travel to campus each day, find childcare, or even leave your living room if you don’t want to.


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