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Earning Your EMT Diploma with HCI

Earning Your EMT Diploma with HCI

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) often become the first point of contact in saving someone’s life in a medical emergency.

Before someone is rushed into the emergency room, an EMT may perform life-supporting services such as controlling blood loss, restoring breathing, or bandaging wounds. These services may help to alleviate pain and increase the survival rate of trauma and emergency room patients. Training and education prepare EMTs to enter the field and can be the first step toward a career in emergency medical services.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for EMTs will increase by as much as 24 percent between 2014 and 2024. And you can begin this exciting career by earning an EMT diploma from HCI. Our EMT program meets National EMS Education Standards and prepares students for the EMT certification in the state of Florida and the NREMT National Registry Emergency Medical Technician exam.

What Does the EMT Program at HCI Look Like?

The EMT program at HCI includes a combination of lectures, labs, clinical rotations, and field ride times. Classroom lectures and practical applications in a laboratory setting provide the necessary foundation for students who will need to be able to take the knowledge into the field and react appropriately in emergency situations. Students learn about human anatomy, CPR techniques, blood-borne pathogens, ventilation and oxygen therapy, and examination and assessment of patients. This will include 150 lecture clock hours and 50 lab clock hours.

The second part of the program involves going out into the field under direct supervision of paramedic preceptors, nurses, and physicians. Students will be able to practice the skills and knowledge they gained in the lectures and labs by working with actual patients in real-life settings. Once the 50 clock hours for clinical training are completed, the student will be qualified to take the EMT certification and the NREMT National Registry Emergency Medical Technician exam.

How Can You Further Your EMT Career?

The EMT curriculum is part of HCI’s Associate of Science Degree in Emergency Medical Services. Students who wish to continue after receiving their EMT diploma will take additional courses in emergency medical training and paramedics, as well as general education courses in psychology, English composition, and liberal arts mathematics.

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