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New Simulator at HCI

New Simulatior at HCI

Health Career Institute is pleased to announce the addition of high-tech, state-of-the-art simulator mannequins to its EMS and nursing programs for student education.

The mannequins allow students in these disciplines to practice scenarios in a safe and controlled environment where they can obtain a more thorough understanding of patient systems and patient care delivery. According to research, health career students who use simulation devices in their training show a higher level of information and technique retention and greater engagement with their education over those who are exposed only to conventional learning methods.

“We think that by utilizing the most modern technology in healthcare training, students will be better equipped to handle EMS situations that would certainly be more difficult the first time they experience them without didactic knowledge,” said HCI President Brenda Green. With these mannequins to complement a complete educational program, students will be able to leave their education and enter the field with more confidence and a greater understanding of what they will confront in the field.

Laerdal Sims

The simulation mannequins by Laerdal now available to HCI students include SimMan 3G, SimMom, and SimJunior. These mannequins can be programmed to demonstrate symptoms for students to observe and respond to treatment as administered by students.

SimMan 3G will allow students to observe seizures and fasciculation, bleeding, drug interactions, pupil responses and more. It will respond to student treatments and display common presentations of symptoms. The use of SimMom will provide students with hands-on practice in pre- and post-natal care, including various childbirth scenarios. The accompanying fetus simulator includes placenta and umbilicus and can be programmed to present bradycardia and tachycardia. The SimJunior is a model 6-year-old male child who presents various types of pediatric symptoms, ranging from healthy-appearing to critical. The mannequin includes heart and bowel sounds, airways, chest movements, blood pressure circulation, and more.

The simulator mannequins add to HCI’s existing comprehensive EMT and nursing programs taught by industry professionals. HCI graduates will now be able to move into their careers with a more thorough and unique understanding of patient care and management.

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