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Learn More Information About Nursing Schools

Learn More Information About Nursing Schools

Not all nursing schools are created equal.

Things like who you learn from and how you are taught make a big difference in the education you receive. At Health Career Institute’s nursing school, students are given every opportunity to excel and succeed in their careers in the field. Nursing degree program curriculum highlights can be found here, and the following additions to our program offerings provide further insight into the benefits of nursing education at HCI.

Hands-On Training

At HCI, you will leave your nurse training program confident and well-prepared to work in the industry you’ve chosen. Nursing students learn from industry professionals and veteran nurses, so they have the benefit of a comprehensive curriculum as well as years of experience to guide them through their education. In addition, HCI’s use of simulators allows students a life-like patient demonstrator. This helps in countless ways as students familiarize themselves with observing symptoms as well as administering treatment to the patient.

These high-tech simulators can be programmed to do everything from demonstrate skyrocketing blood pressure to moan in pain. Students can experience various scenarios that a nurse will confront on the job and the doll allows them to practice patient management, how much pressure is appropriate when touching a patient, how to spot physical symptoms, and much more. After receiving this hands-on training, in addition to labs, lectures, and clinical rotations, nurse candidates who graduate from HCI are well prepared to handle the ups and downs of a day in the profession.

Distance Learning Opportunities

Another option that makes HCI a unique nurse training school option is the online degree program available to nursing students. Whether students are limited by unreliable transportation, the need to work full-time during usual class hours, or the care of a family member, a portion of nursing coursework can be taken online at the student’s convenience. This allows more students than ever to receive the nursing education they deserve, without the complications that can delay degree awarding by years.

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