Can You Get a Nursing Degree Online?

Can You Get a Nursing Degree Online

Discovering that your calling in life is to help people as a nurse is a powerful revelation.

Once you’ve discovered that this is the path for you, you likely want to get started on your journey right away! Becoming a nurse involves dedication and commitment throughout months or years of classroom and practical learning. Until recently, the only way to earn your nursing credentials was by attending a brick-and-mortar college or trade school before continuing to clinical education. In the age of the internet, however, schools like Health Career Institute make your path to a fulfilling career in nursing more accessible than ever with options to earn your degree online.

What is Online Learning?

Online learning removes a student’s need to be in the classroom for a portion or majority of the educational program. With advancements like web portals for assignment submission and feedback, remote conferencing technology, and shareable web-based instruction materials, a lot of the same work that can be done in classrooms can be done from the comfort of a student’s own home or local library. The ability to learn and study online is a great advantage for individuals who live far from campus or have unreliable transportation, who must work full-time and have trouble scheduling classes around work shifts, or who are tasked with childcare or elder care or other responsibilities that necessitate they spend more time close to home. They can listen to lectures online, complete assignments in their spare time, and no longer need to worry about commuting costs that can be prohibitive.

HCI’s Online Nursing Program

Even nursing students can enjoy the benefits of online learning thanks to HCI’s online degree programs. In hybrid programs, students can learn the ins and outs of nursing while being on campus as little as one or two days per week. The length of study will vary with the specific program selected, but in general, nursing students can complete their education in anywhere from seven months to two years. Learn more about HCI’s online nursing offerings here.

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