Leaning on Industry Professionals During Education

Leaning on Industry Professionals During Education

It stands to reason then that a great way to learn how to do a job is to learn it from the people who are already working in your field.

Experienced nurses, paramedics, and firefighters can paint an accurate picture of what to expect, and that’s why at HCI we rely on industry professionals to educate up and coming health care providers. But even outside the classroom, these health care professionals and others are of great value to you as a student, and can offer far more insight than simply how to perform the specific tasks associated with the job.

How They Can Help

As anyone who has worked in virtually any workplace can attest to, there are always insider secrets that aren’t taught in the handbook, but that are essential to professional success. These secrets go beyond performing specific duties and encompass the entire working experience. With respect to a specific workplace, for example, you might learn from a firefighter or head nurse which supervisor to ask certain questions to, or how to stand out on your job application, or how to best translate complicated textbook concepts. The closer you work with the general public, the more you will appreciate the insight these professionals can provide. Their years of experience in the job can only help you be more prepared for the role you’re seeking.

How You Can Access Them

Before you complete your training, you may assume your access to industry pros is limited to your professors. But even as a student, you can begin to attend professional association events that are open to prospective and current members. You can even reach out directly to someone you hope to work with someday and request an informational meeting. Because teamwork is such an important part of the job, you’ll find that lots of health care professionals will be happy to share their knowledge and mentor future colleagues.

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