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Benefits Of Being A Firefighter

benefits of being a firefighter

Chances are, if you ended up here, you are thinking about becoming a firefighter. There are more benefits than you would expect to becoming a firefighter. It is such an incredibly rewarding career in which you will help others in a time of crisis. It goes beyond the pay and job security and reaches in to your desire to help people.

Firefighters Work As A Team

One of the greatest aspects of being a firefighter is that you will be working in a team-based environment. No matter what situation you go in to, you will always have someone who has your back, and vice versa.

When you are on-the-job, you, along with the other firefighters, will wear monitors that will allow you to know where they are at all times. You will work together to save lives, and that alone is a personal reward.

Firefighter Compensation

Firefighters, unless volunteer, have decent pay and benefits. They also have what many hold near and dear – job security.

The salary of a firefighter can vary, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a firefighter in 2012 was $42,250 per year, which breaks down to $21.75 per  hour. Many firefighters also receive full benefits such as vacation pay, health insurance, early retirement, and a pension plan.

Becoming A Firefighter

While college is not necessary to become a firefighter, it is recommended that you get a Fire Science degree as this will help in times of job competition. Even if you are able to get a career as a firefighter, this degree will also benefit your future and help you climb the career ladder.

If you choose this path, you will likely find it a rewarding one. While you receive decent pay and benefits on a high school diploma, there are ways to ensure you move ahead faster. 

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