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Finding EMT Jobs in Florida

Finding EMT Jobs in Florida

Becoming fully trained and licensed to work as an EMT is just part of the job.

After all the training hours are logged and exams are completed, getting in the door can take even more time and require more hard work. Some communities may have more available opportunities than others, and hopeful EMTs may have to sacrifice things such as location or convenience to find their first professional EMT job. But whether you are searching for your entry-level position or looking to bring your skills and experience to a different agency or team, there are a few techniques that can help you land the gig.

Start with Your Existing Community

You might have heard people talk about networking and think it only applies to corporate jobs, or think that there’s nothing to be gained by networking since you don’t know anyone else who works in your field. But not so! The truth about networking is that you never know what leads you’ll end up with, what contacts you’ll make, or what you’ll learn about a friend or acquaintance. Start by letting friends and family members know what you’re looking for and remain open to meet-and-greets with third-degree connections who may be valuable to your EMT job search.

Meet with Your Career Center or School Faculty

Investigate your school’s career connections department, or go straight to the faculty who have worked in the field. Some professors may still be working as EMTs, may be in the position to hire, or might just know some people who are looking to add promising team members. See what services your career center offers regarding networking or career fair events, and general job-seeking advice that can help you perfect your resume and polish your interview skills.

Join a Professional Organization

The state of Florida has many associations and professional organizations that can help you with all aspects of the EMT world, from finding a job to remaining up-to-date on industry news. Many have email lists, networking meetings, and job boards of their own. The Florida Association of EMS Educators, Florida EMS Association, and Emergency Medicine Learning & Resource Center may serve as promising starting points.

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