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What is it Like to Train as a Firefighter?

What is it Like to Train as a Firefighter

You have decided you’re ready to become a firefighter. Congratulations!

You’re taking a big step toward a bright future for yourself, and a meaningful way to make a significant impact on your community. Hopefully, your decision comes after you’ve done a lot of research about the life of a firefighter, and what it takes to do the job successfully. But before you get to that point, there is a great deal of education and training that goes into landing a position in the field. And sometimes, the training for a particular job is more intense than the actual day-to-day work of that job. Have you given any thought to what it’s like to train as a firefighter?

How Do You Get Started in Firefighter Training?

If you were to ask almost any working firefighter how they got their jobs, they would likely tell you they began as volunteers. This may seem like a small or unimportant step, as you’re likely eager to get started in the actual work. And that’s great! But putting in the time required to observe firefighters at work, learn as much as you can, and become a part of your local service community is very important.

Next, when you’re sure this is the path for you, it’s time to get in shape. Firefighters need to be in their top physical condition to perform the job. You’ll need to lift heavy objects, run, climb, crawl, and maintain your wits while doing all of the above and more. You will need to obtain a CPR certification and prepare to pass a physical fitness test.

Firefighter Training at HCI

The specifics of how to become a volunteer firefighter may vary with the department you want to work in. They may have their own training program, or they may coordinate with a local training center for your education and exams. For many firefighters, the best next step is to earn an associates degree in fire science. This degree, offered at HCI, helps certified firefighters stand out in their field and move up the ranks in their career.

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