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Health Career Institute: EMT Program

Health Career Institute: EMT Program

An EMT is an emergency medical technician. EMTs operate on a “basic” training and education level (EMT-Basic or EMT-B) or as paramedics, sometimes referred to as EMT-Ps.

On either level, EMTs are first responders to emergency situations and provide life-saving care to people involved in motor vehicle accidents, natural disasters, fires, medical episodes and more. EMT-Bs and paramedics may both tend to patients, though paramedics receive an advanced level of training and are therefore able to provide a different level of care. For more information about the difference between an EMT and a paramedic, click here.

Become an EMT at HCI

At HCI, we offer accredited diploma programs for both hopeful EMT-Bs and paramedics. The programs include lecture-style courses, lab work, clinical rotations, and field work in hospitals and on ambulances. Both programs are written and instructed in conjunction with standards outlined by the entity which enables EMS, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Students in HCI’s EMT program learn about the fundamentals of emergency care, which include:

  • Assessing patients at accident/emergency scenes
  • Opening airways and restoring patients’ breathing
  • Controlling patients’ blood loss rate
  • Treating shock victims
  • Immobilizing fractures in patients
  • Dressing and protecting wounds
  • Assisting in childbirth
  • Supporting and caring for heart attack patients
  • Treating victims of poisoning and burns
  • Safely transporting patients from emergency scenes to hospitals

Upon completion of either program, students will need to take the state licensing exam as well as the NREMT which, when completed successfully, adds them to the national EMT registry. To learn more about how to become an EMT at HCI and the specifics of the diploma program offerings, click here.

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