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3 Reasons Demand for Paramedics Is Rising

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the job outlook for EMTs and paramedics is primed for faster-than-average growth through 2029—but the field is finding it hard to keep up with demand.

Demand for This Unique Skill Set

EMTs and paramedics are not limited to just working in the field, or stuck working in the hospital. Their training and skills give them the opportunity to work in any environment. While this can definitely be an advantage for those who seek exciting and challenging work environments, it also demands adaptability, making the training that EMTs and paramedics receive unique and highly in demand.

EMTs and paramedics are trained to be flexible and deliver emergency, potentially life-saving services in the toughest of circumstances. Their intervention skills span everything from saving lives in health emergencies to helping critically ill patients travel between appointments. Education and training play a major part in these abilities, but they also begin to develop an inherent instinct for thinking on their feet and making life or death decisions under pressure—all anchored by a sincere drive to make a difference in their community.

The combination of their training, on-the-job experience, and passion for what they do defines a very unique skill set that only people who have actively pursued this career path can fulfill. Given a growing labor market for their specialization, hiring prospects for paramedics are certainly looking up. Here are three reasons for that.

1. An Aging Baby-Boomer Population

A rising number of baby boomers are entering retirement and needing more dedicated healthcare services. This is contributing to the demand for paramedic services.

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As older people will make up a larger portion of the population in the future, more paramedics and EMTs will be needed to attend to age-related health emergencies. People usually require more healthcare services as they age. Baby Boomers statistically also have higher rates and incidences of hypertension, cholesterol problems, obesity, and diabetes. As a result, and given the generation’s size, the demand for qualified healthcare professionals across different sectors—including emergency services—continues to rise.

2. Current Events Prompting Increased Demand for Emergency Medical Services

Paramedics and EMTs are usually the first to arrive during emergencies. They’re at the front line of first responders to assess a situation and are responsible for making life-saving decisions. Their training and instincts spell the difference between life and death.

Unfortunately, the past year has proven challenging given the volume of emergencies faced due to the pandemic—most of which were unprecedented—and the public saw the critical role that EMTs and paramedics played in all of it.

To that end, the healthcare sector’s reliance on first responders became even more evident, given that their ability to deliver excellent care at this stage will dictate a hospital or medical facility’s ability to provide better care for their patients.

Given the ongoing pandemic, demand has increased for EMTs and paramedics. Rising COVID cases prompted a rise in call volume for paramedic services, as well as mental health calls given the toll quarantines and stay-at-home orders have on the public.

Climate change is also affecting demand for emergency services, putting into focus the need for better preparedness and prevention as weather emergencies and natural disasters become more frequent.

3. Industry Growth

Employment of EMTs and paramedics is expected to see consistent growth at a much faster pace compared to other occupations. Medical facilities are looking for trained professionals who can deliver immediate care. Additionally, a rising number of specialized medical facilities need additional EMTs and paramedics to help transport patients for immediate treatment, contributing to greater demand.

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Training to become a paramedic is poised to reap significant rewards, especially given the numerous doors it opens and highly rewarding opportunities for career growth that await those who become a part of it. As an EMT or paramedic, you get to serve a critical role in healthcare, demonstrate your skills as a first responder, and make a real difference in the lives of many people.

The demand for skilled and trained EMTs and paramedics will continue to grow for the foreseeable future, ensuring that you’re investing time into a profession that ultimately reaps significant rewards for your future.

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