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Should I Become an EMT?

Should I Become an EMT?

Beginning to think about your future? Preparing to embark on an educational pathway toward a rewarding career or volunteer experience?

If you’re considering becoming an EMT on either a volunteer basis or advancing to become a paramedic, you probably already know a bit about the job: it can be risky at times, and other people’s lives are in your hands. But there’s more to the job—and getting yourself a position in the field—than driving the ambulance and showing up to an accident or emergency situation.

A Day in the Life as an EMT

EMT-Basics, also knowns as EMT-Bs or simply EMTs, are typically volunteer emergency medical responders who work in conjunction with hospitals, fire departments, local government-run first aid squads, or private health agencies. EMT-Ps or paramedics work in the same environments, but have received additional training and have the ability to perform more complicated medical procedures than EMTs.

Both EMTs and paramedics are typically among the first responders to a medical or other emergency. They are tasked with assessing patients’ needs, providing intervening care where appropriate and responsible, and transporting patients to hospitals as needed. They must be quick-thinkers with good reasoning skills and the ability to work well with others when stakes are high.

The career is fraught with the unknown, as it’s impossible to know ahead of time what the workday will look like. Your shifts may change and you may work very unconventional hours for long stretches, and the calls that come through dispatch will never be the same. This can be challenging and exciting, but should be undertaken with care and understanding of the importance of remaining professional and able in all circumstances, even on little sleep or at three in the morning.

Becoming an EMT

Preparing to become an EMT will involve rigorous training, through a non-degree award program like HCI’s EMT or paramedic diploma program. Upon completion of the study period, you must successfully demonstrate your ability to perform the job and all its responsibilities through a series of examinations in order to receive your state license.

For more details about obtaining your credentials at HCI, click here.

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