EMS Interview Questions

EMS Interview Questions

As with most professions, part of becoming an EMT is ace-ing the interview.

You may be required to interview with an admissions board before you enroll in a training program, but you will definitely need to have a successful interview with any future employer you hope to work for.

Whether you are looking for volunteer or paid work, the ambulance corps wants to know that every member they add to the team is a good fit for the role and the environment.

Preparing for the job includes preparing for the interview. You want to have your talking points in mind and be ready to highlight your skills, training, education, and passion for the work. Begin by reviewing these common questions and thinking critically about what your honest answers are. This way, you can have your responses thought out by the time you arrive in the hot seat, and can present your best self to any interviewer.

Tell me about yourself. If you don’t prepare your elevator pitch, nerves may set in and before you know it, you’re giving your interviewer a run-down of every significant event of your life since kindergarten. Prepare a one-to-two minute bio, highlighting your academic and professional achievements, and include any crucial information that reveals your path to an EMS career.

Why do you want to work in this field? Be sure to highlight your understanding of the responsibilities of the job you’re applying for, and discuss how your strengths and skills complement the role. Paint a picture of you and the industry as a mutually beneficial team, rather than discuss only how the field can benefit your life and goals.

Discuss your experience in EMS. For an entry-level position, or your first job out of training, this one may be difficult to answer. Focus on the aspects that prove your preparedness, including your education and hands-on training. If any previous jobs or volunteer work provided you with skills or experience that can be cross-utilized in the job you’re interviewing for, point it out and walk your interviewer through how it is relevant experience.

For more advice on how to ace the EMS interview, click here.

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