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The Top 7 Perks of Becoming a Nurse

Nurses make up the most significant percentage of the healthcare workforce. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurses occupy at least 1.8 million jobs, representing at least 30% of total hospital employment. Despite this, the healthcare industry faces a challenge filling nursing positions. Based on the 2020 World Health Organization (WHO) report, about 5.9 million nursing vacancies need to be filled. As such, demand for nurses will remain high in the next coming years.

Those who want to bank on this growing demand and are considering a nursing degree should first know the perks of being one. Here are some of them:

1.  Flexible work shifts

Most employees work an eight-hour day, five days a week. Nurses, however, typically work 12-hour shifts, three days per week. This gives them more flexibility to manage their time.

2.  Opportunity for career advancement

In nursing, there are numerous opportunities for growth and career advancement. This includes:

  • Earning a certification: Nurses can find a nursing specialty that suits their skills and interests.
  • Getting an advanced degree: Nurses who already have a degree can take advantage of online classes to earn advanced degrees like a doctorate or master’s diploma.
  • Transitioning to managerial post: Nurses can also begin their practice in the clinical setting before moving on to a supervisory or administrative position. They may also choose to provide clinical training for nurses or teach in a classroom setting.
  • Travel: Nurses can opt to become travel nurses, which allows them to explore other places, meet new people, and expand their knowledge.

When nurses choose to further their knowledge and skills, they are considered an asset. Therefore, many healthcare facilities help with the expense of additional learning or offer better pay once credentials have been upgraded.

3.  Lucrative career

Nursing is one of the most financially rewarding careers. Pay can depend on the level of education, years of experience, and the specialty they choose to practice. In some cases, it can also vary depending on the state or industry they work for.

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Registered nurses have a median yearly wage of $75,330, with salaries ranging between $53,410 and $116,230, according to the May 2020 data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. With the present shortage of nurses and growing demand, salaries are expected to go up.

4.  Mentally stimulating career

Nursing is a physically taxing job. Moreover, it also requires mental acuity and attention to detail while engaging in mentally stimulating tasks. Nurses need to be meticulous regarding medication doses, schedules, observing patients’ behavior, conditions, and more. If you’re interested in a profession that requires you to be mentally active and engaged while providing comfort, kindness, and care to patients, a nursing career can be a rewarding choice.

5.  Most trusted profession

Nursing is one of the most trusted professions. A 2020 Gallup poll revealed that 89% of Americans rated nurses as the most honest and most ethical profession. Having your efforts rewarded with the trust of patients provides encouragement and boosts morale.

6.  Expanded healthcare community

Nurses are connected with every aspect of healthcare, and they have the network to prove it. Connections with doctors, co-nurses, clinics, and healthcare facilities in their community can prove to be beneficial should they need to recommend them for patient support, call on their expertise, or if they decide to make a career change in the future.

7.  Making a difference in people’s lives

Having the opportunity to help other people is probably one of the best rewards one can experience being a nurse. Evidence from scientific studies shows that the mere act of giving to others can improve one’s well-being and overall health. It can even promote longevity.

If you are ready to experience the perks of being a nurse, including flexible work shifts, career advancement, better pay, and helping people, learn more about what nursing programs are available to suit your needs.

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