West Palm Beach Campus nursing program is a candidate for initial accreditation by the ACEN. This candidacy status expires on May 5, 2025

Preparing to Become a Nurse

Deciding you want to become a nurse means you’ve decided you want to spend your career in one of the most trusted professions there is, and that you’ve chosen to use your professional life to truly make a difference in the lives of others.

Nurses are crucial to the operation of medical teams and environments and play an essential role in the lives of patients who seek their treatment, aid, or support. This is a tall order that may frighten some away from the profession, but for those who have decided this is their life’s calling, there is no other option. HCI’s nursing program can help you prepare for the demands of the job.

Making Decisions About Your Nursing Career

In preparing to become a nurse, you’ll need to begin by making a few key decisions. What type of nursing credentials do you want to earn? What sort of nursing career did you imagine for yourself? One of the most popular nurse types is a registered nurse (RN), but you can also study to be a nursing assistant, licensed practical nurse, or nurse practitioner. Once you decide, you’ll also want to determine whether you’d like to specialize in any particular areas of medicine or patient care, such as triage or pediatrics. Once you have these answers, you can apply for and enroll in the appropriate corresponding nursing program.

Asking Questions and Gaining Real Experience On Your Journey To Becoming A Nurse

At HCI, you will have the benefit of studying with field professionals who have years of experience in the jobs you and your classmates seek. Make sure to take advantage of this wealth of information that is at your fingertips. Ask questions, probe deeper, and if you have trouble understanding a concept, be sure to set an appointment with your instructors. The best thing to do as you prepare to become a nurse is notice and seize every opportunity to enhance your education and come to the job as well-equipped and knowledgeable as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions—it’s much riskier to enter the workforce unprepared.

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