Firefighters Do More Than Fight Fires

Firefighters Do More Than Fight Fires

You may have been imagining becoming a firefighter ever since you were a kid.

Movies, books, and TV make the job look exciting and action-packed, especially to kids who think it’s all about running into burning buildings and being the hero. And while it’s true that those are very real parts of the job, a firefighter’s daily duties consist of much more than that.

Here’s a look at what else you can expect to do in your daily life as a firefighter.

Emergency Medical Response

Most firefighters are required to have background in medical training, either with an EMT-Basic certificate or, at minimum, CPR certification. In many cities, the EMS and fire department are coupled and firefighters are often the first or second team to arrive on emergency scenes. Firefighters may administer life-saving care to patients such as CPR or stabilize patients until additional medical help can arrive on the scene.


In various cases of missing people, firefighters may be called upon to lead or join rescue efforts. This could include an abduction or kidnapping or a disaster such as a grounded plane or natural incident.

Fire Prevention and Education

Firefighters are responsible not only for putting out fires but also for preventing them in the first place. This involves educating the public and, for firefighters of a certain experience and certification level, inspecting buildings and enforcing fire codes. Firefighters might meet with students and faculty in a school, hold community information events, be present at health and safety fairs, and initiate other efforts to assist the community in their efforts to remain safe from fire hazard.

Equipment Maintenance and Fundraising

A big portion of firefighting involves the care and maintenance of equipment. Much of this can be done without additional resources, such as cleaning and tuning up the fire engine, but other tasks will require replacement parts and additional machinery. Funds are not always available though the government for these needs, so firefighters often hold fundraisers within their community to ensure the department is able to keep running efficiently and safely.

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