3 Reasons To Become an EMT

3 Reasons To Become an EMT

On the path of figuring out your life’s purpose or your professional calling, you might feel encouraged by thinking about the perks and benefits of different types of careers.

You might also become inspired to add or remove options from your short list by considering the reasons not to explore a particular career field.

If you’ve found yourself wondering about a career or even paraprofessional experience as an EMT or paramedic, you might be hung up on job and industry truths like unconventional schedules and long hours. But in light of those challenges, there are a few really great reasons you might want to become an EMT.

You’ll Actually Save Lives as an EMT

Many working EMTs and active volunteer EMTs cite this as their primary motivation for doing what they do. There is a lot of gratification to be found in knowing your work is what may save the life of someone’s spouse, child or loved one. And in most scenarios, you’ll work among the population you are also a community member of, meaning these life-saving interactions and experiences will happen between you (or the team you are a part of) and the community in which you live and work.

Never Get Bored with an Active Job being an EMT

Some people are able to find fulfillment from a stationary work environment. Some people are able to work at a desk or in an office for 40 hours a week and still find enough time to be active or creative in their off-hours that they don’t feel bored by their sedentary day-to-day work life. If you are not one of those people, working in such an environment can be incredibly boring, unchallenging, and at a certain point, demotivating. As an EMT, no two days will be alike and you’ll spend much of your time on your feet, moving from place to place and making quick decisions.

Build a Foundation of Transferable Skills as an EMT

Whether you plan to make a career out of being an EMT or paramedic, or you choose to remain a volunteer on the side, you’ll gain skills in critical thinking, teamwork, and medical processes that will help you in a variety of personal and professional endeavors throughout your life, and perhaps in a future career role.

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