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Earning Your BSN at a Private School

Earning Your BSN at a Private School

When you’re ready to head back to school, or enroll in a higher education for the first time, you likely feel ready to just dive right in and get started.

While weighing your options for institutions and programs, you’ll find yourself confronted with a few choices you’ll have to make: online or brick and mortar? Full-time or part-time? Public or private?

The benefits of attending private school for your nursing degree are numerous. And at Health Career Institute in specific, choosing private school means in fact that you won’t have to choose between full- or part-time or online and in-person before you’re ready. Among other benefits of obtaining your bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) at HCI is the flexibility to be in class or on campus when it suits your schedule.

Other reasons to explore private school for your BSN include:

Smaller Class Sizes at HCI

Private schools are generally smaller in terms of student body, meaning classes themselves are smaller. You won’t find yourself competing for a desk or other material or resource, and you won’t be just one face in a sea of many. You will be able to get to know your classmates and the faculty in your department, which can be key in later years when it’s time to explore internships and professional placement. The networking connections that will be valuable in your future are given room to plant and grow in these appropriately-sized classes.

Higher Quality Control at HCI

Because public institutions are reliant on federal funding, there is a certain degree of inflexibility in their course or campus offerings. At a private school, funds can be used directly for ensuring high-quality materials and supplies.

More One-on-one Time with Teachers at HCI

At some point during your BSN training, you may well find yourself struggling or simply needing some extra time to grasp certain concepts. The small class sizes and well-funded faculty serve you again by promising more opportunities to sit independently with your teachers, get one-on-one time as you need it and help you deepen your understanding of the material.


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