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From EMT to RN

From EMT to RN

After you’ve gained some experience working in the medical field and specifically patient care as an EMT, whether you are a volunteer EMT-B or a paramedic (EMT-P), you might find yourself desiring to advance your career and expand upon the opportunities available to you.

With your EMT certification under your belt, some know-how after working a hands-on position in the field, some networking connections and first-hand experience, it’s entirely possible that you’ll want to take your education and career options further. The next step along the journey for you may logically be to pursue nursing credentials, and move from an EMT position to a career as a registered nurse.

What Does a Registered Nurse Do?

Registered nurses often work in hospitals, physicians’ offices, schools and community facilities. They are responsible for working directly with medical teams and patients, and their daily tasks and duties may include:

– Delivering, coordinating, or overseeing patient care
– Educating patients, their families, or the public about current or relevant health and medical matters
– Offering emotional support and company to patients and their loved ones
– General administrative tasks and responsibilities associated with operating a medical office

As an EMT, you likely have your share of experience in working to deliver patient care, communicate with families and community members, and even administrative responsibilities. Adding a bit of education and elevating your skill set as an RN is a natural progression for EMTs looking to build a stronger, more stable career. Many of your skills will be transferable or buildable, and your experience and education serve as excellent stepping stones.

Why Nursing Over Paramedic Training?

Your paramedic training too can be a first step toward a nursing career; however, if you’re an EMT-B, you may be deciding between becoming a paramedic or an RN.

RNs made a median annual salary of $67,490 in 2015. Paramedics made $31,980.
– In 2014, there BLS estimated more than 2.7 million RN jobs in the US, compared to just 241,200 paramedic jobs.
– The projected growth between 2014 and 2024 is 16%, or 439,000 for RNs; the same estimate for paramedics is 58,500 positions.

Learn more about going from EMT to RN here.

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