RN to BSN: Increase Your Career Potential

RN to BSN: Increase Your Career Potential

Becoming a registered nurse (RN) is an excellent first, second, or final step for individuals seeking a fulfilling, life-changing career in nursing.

As an RN, you’ll get to work directly with patients and doctors and see and be involved in the functions of a medical setting.

For some, becoming an RN is an ultimate career goal. For others, it’s a stop along the way to something more advanced in the nursing profession. With your RN credentials, if you seek more, you’re in an excellent position to further your education to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (BSN), opening more doors and enabling you to advance your nursing career and increase earning and growth potential.

The credentials you’ll obtain to become an RN are the stepping stones to the advanced education you’ll obtain on your course to the bachelor’s degree. At HCI, the BSN program delves into:
● Wellness of self and others
● Technical nursing skills and an expansion of ideas learned in RN programs
● Critical care
● Professional development in leadership, management and more

To enroll in a BSN program at HCI, students need to have completed their ASN (associates of science in nursing) and registered nurse program. They also must, among other items:

● Sign an Enrollment Agreement, obtain a student checklist, and have met with an advisor to discuss these and other requirements.
● Submit a copy of their AHA CPR for Healthcare Provider card, which must be valid through the last day of the term.
● Present a current and valid Florida nursing license and transcripts from ASN program.

The Benefits of Turning am ASN into a BSN

With a BSN, you will become eligible for promotions to Nurse Practitioner status. Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are able to do all the same work as RNs, but are also able to treat patients and perform many of the same functions as physicians without the supervision of a doctor. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports RNs’ median pay at $67,490 annually; NPs earn a median annual salary of $98,190.

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