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The Benefits of Attending a Private School for a Nursing Degree

The Benefits of Attending a Private School for a Nursing Degree

When you’ve decided you’re ready to begin your journey toward a career change, or are prepared to continue your schooling to become a nurse, the next step is deciding on the logistics—namely, where you’ll study and train for your nursing credentials.

Depending on where you are located, you may have many options and be trying to narrow them down. One early consideration is whether you should attend public or private school. While public schools can provide a great education, there are certain benefits that only come with a private school education.

Clearer Admission Pathways When Attending a Private School for a Nursing Degree

At private institutions, you’ll often find the pathways to admission are clearer and freer from red tape like with other institutions. Many report shorter or even non-existent waiting lists and plenty of schools are able to offer immediate enrollment or more varied start dates. This is helpful for students who are returning to their education after some time away, or who are changing careers after years or even decades in a different field.

It is also more common in private institutions for degree and diploma programs to have fewer prerequisites and instead have “corequisite” classes, which are required foundational courses that are able to be taken alongside other early coursework. For this reason, private institutions can be more forgiving to students with less straight-forward or clear-cut educational backgrounds.

More Focused and Attentive to Students and Student Life When Attending a Private School for a Nursing Degree

Private schools tend to be smaller in both size of campus/facilities and in student body. With less to maintain and update, these campuses are often equipped with top-of-the-line facilities, classroom features and technological systems. Private institutions are able to zero in on bringing the very best education possible to the smaller number of students it serves, and who see the value in paying for the increased value of their educational experience.

Private schools are also able to attract superb faculty and staff. At HCI, professors are respected and accomplished in their fields and often choose to teach out of passion for their industry.

The most important consideration is the school’s accreditation and what degree or diploma you will be able to earn there. To learn more about HCI’s accreditation, click here.

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