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Can I Get an Online Nursing Degree?

Can I Get an Online Nursing Degree?

As the world becomes more digital with each passing day and technological developments, it’s amazing to see the things that can be done online that used to require on-site visits and time wasted standing in long lines.

You can register a motor vehicle online, access nearly the entirety of recorded music, learn about everything from mold spores to the moon landing and even order your groceries. Here at HCI, we know the time has come for you to obtain your formal education online, too.

Over the past decade, more brick-and-mortar institutions have taken leaps and bounds of all sizes that have ushered in the digital age. Many higher learning institutes began with digitizing tests and student grades, then moved onto all assignments and projects as well as course registration and student services. It became apparent that certain fields lend themselves well to a more independent study and hybrid and then ultimately online courses were born.

At Health Career Institute, we see all the benefits of online education and want to use it to tear down the barriers that so often stand in the way of students obtaining a degree—even one in such a complex field as nursing.

That’s why HCI’s comprehensive online nursing program can help you pursue your dream career no matter what roadblocks may be in your path.

HCI’s Online Nursing Program

The online nursing program allows students to complete nearly all the necessary coursework remotely, utilizing a web portal and internet connection. The number of days a student needs to be on campus is dramatically reduced, and the final stage of study—the clinical rotation—is arranged with location and accessibility in mind.

Why online? Because your education should not have to take a backseat to your other commitments, nor should your professional and familial obligations suffer so you can earn your education. Limited mobility and minimal free time can be huge factors in students delaying their education and thus postponing their dream careers. The world is always in need of caring, devoted, committed nurses, and an online program can help you become the nurse you always dreamed of being.

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